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Quick Submission Guide and Newsletters


We have develop a series of guides to help industry with their submissions to PUB. The examples used in the guides are good practices from Qualified Persons (QPs) submissions. Refer to the links below for the online guides. PDF version of the guides are also available.

Quick GuidesDownload PDF version
Drainage Quick Guide to Drainage Development Control (DC) Submission
Quick Guide to Drainage Detailed Plan (DP) Submission
Quick Guide to Drainage Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) Submission
Quick Guide to Drainage Clearance for Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC) Submission
Sanitary and Sewerage Quick Guide to Sanitary and Sewerage Development Control (DC) Submission
Quick Guide to Detailed Plan (DP) for Sewer Works
Quick Guide to Detailed Plan (DP) for RC Trench Submission
Quick Guide to Completion of Work for Sanitary and Pumping System
Quick Guide to Notice for Carrying Out Sewer Connection Work (Form B1)
WaterQuick Guide to Notification for Water Service Works Submission (A/A and Submeter Submission)
Quick Guide to (i) Notification of Cleaning and Disinfection of Water Storage Tanks & (ii) Inspection & Certification of Water Storage Tanks

These guides are not to be interpreted as amendments to the code of practice (COP) and does not change applicability of the code of practice or regulations under the PU Acts. QPs are ultimately responsible for complying with the COP and PU Acts and any mistaken information or omission of information in these guides does not release a QP’s liability for not complying with the COP or PU Acts.

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