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The Industrial Water Solutions Project Unit (IWSPU) provides funding and technical support to facilitate the execution of approved projects in collaboration with industrial water users.

The scope for exploration includes: 

  • water recycling and reuse opportunities
  • use of alternative sources of water such as seawater
  • minimise water losses through cooling processes

The Industrial Water Solutions Demonstration Fund (IWSDF) is available to support high-impact and innovative projects to treat and reclaim fresh water from industrial used water for process reuse. Companies with monthly water consumption of more than 10,000 m3 are invited to submit proposals for projects that yield at least 5% reduction in water consumption through reuse. Expressions of interests may be directed to the IWSDF secretariat at


The Applicant can refer to the following criteria for eligibility:  

(a) Water Savings

  • Companies with monthly water consumption (potable water/NEWater/industrial water) of more than 10,000 m3 as well as high-grade industrial water may be considered.
  • Project should yield at least 5-10% reduction of water consumption (potable water/NEWater/industrial water) to be assessed by PUB. 

(b) Technology Specification

  • The proposed technology has been tested and proven to be viable, and can provide sufficient data to warrant a Pilot Demonstration Project. Proposal should display a significant degree of innovation either in terms of technology or application in new or different industrial sectors.
  • Upon successful completion, the technology may lead to full-scale implementation and could potentially initiate catalytic effect of wider adoption of similar installations within the industrial sector.

Please complete the Application Form and e-mail it along with your proposal to for funding application. You will receive an acknowledgement from us within 14 working days upon submission.

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