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Water Efficient Building (Basic) Certification


Water Efficient Building (WEB) (Basic) Certification Programme encourages businesses, industries, schools and buildings to adopt water efficient measures in their premises and processes. 

Certification Programme

WEB (Basic)
By installing water efficient fittings and adopting the WEB recommended flow rates/flush volumes, premises can save about five per cent of their monthly water consumption. 

Water Efficient Flow Rates

Area of UsageWater Efficient Flow Rate / Flush Volume
Basin tap and mixer2 litres/min (Public / Staff toilets)
4 litres/min (Other areas)
Sink / kitchen tap and mixer6 litres/min
Shower tap & mixer and showerhead7 litres/min
Bib tap and mixer6 litres/min
Urinal0.5 and 1.0 litre​ of water per flush for ≤ 300 mm and > 300 mm size urinals respectively
Flushing CisternDual-flush flushing cistern
(For all new developments and existing premises undergoing A&A/renovation works from July 2009)

To apply for the Water Efficient Building (Basic) Certification, please email us at  

Water Efficiency Criteria for Green Mark Award

For existing buildings to be certified under BCA's Green Mark scheme, it is not a pre-requisite to achieve PUB's Water Efficient Building Certification. However, water efficiency will help to gain Green Mark credit points under this scheme. To find out more, please click here.

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