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Drain Cleansing & Maintenance

Drain Cleansing – A Collaborated Effort

Regular cleansing of drains, canals and waterways is conducted by the Department of Public Cleanliness (DPC), a unit set up within the National Environment Agency (NEA), to integrate the cleaning functions of public areas. 

To ensure that the drains perform to their designed capacities and remain free-flowing, PUB places litter collection devices such as float booms, litter traps and gratings at strategic locations of major rivers, canals and drains.

DPC’s contractors are deployed island-wide to carry out physical cleansing of drains and canals. A performance-based cleansing regime, this requires them to clean the drains regularly in compliance with specified cleanliness standards.

DPC officers constantly audit the contractors' performance. They also review the frequency of cleansing based on systematic checks and public feedback.

The public can send a feedback or an enquiry via NEA O​nline Feedback Form​ or contact DPC (NEA) at 6225 5632. 

Drain Maintenance

PUB carries out structural repairs of drains, canals and waterways, where necessary, to ensure that they continue to function effectively. Minor works include repairing damaged drains due to wear and tear, damaged railings or drop-inlet-chamber gratings.

Major canals and waterways are routinely dredged to keep them free-flowing. PUB also carries out regular hydrographic surveys to monitor the level of silt in major canals and waterways.

Drain Cleansing and Maintenance
Minor repair works to improve the gradient of the drain
Drain Cleansing and Maintenance
Replacement of gratings for the Drop-Inlet Chamber

Float boom with litter trap at major waterway

Replacement of damaged drop inlet chamber

Minor structural repair of public drain

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