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Water Efficiency Management Practices


The requirements of Water Efficiency Management Practices, under Part IVA of the Public Utilities (Water Supply) Regulations, came into effect from January 2015.

Under the Water Efficiency Management Practices, it is mandatory for large water users with net water consumption of at least 60,000 m3 in the previous year ( i.e. qualifying consumers) to:

1. Submit a notification to PUB by 31 March (for specified consumers*) or 30 April (for non-specified consumers) for their different sites meeting this water consumption threshold. 
2. Install private water meters at key water usage areas within their premises by 30 June to track and monitor water usage.
3. Submit their annual Water Efficiency Management Plan (WEMP) to PUB by 30 June for at least three consecutive years.
4. Appoint at least one Water Efficiency Manager by 30 June

* Specified consumers - Consumers who hold one or more water accounts with PUB for water supplied to the site and the volume of water used under these account(s) in the preceding calendar year is at least 60,000 m³.

The Water Efficiency Management Plan allows customers to:

  • 1. Methodologically understand the breakdown of water usage in their premises and develop a
    Water Balance Chart [PDF]
  • 2. Identify areas to further reduce consumption and raise efficiency
  • 3. Establish an action plan which identifies measures in water savings, priorities and implementation timelines

Get Funding

Organisations may wish to tap on PUB’s Water Efficiency Fund to assist in the implementation of water efficiency projects if they are able to meet the eligibility criteria for the relevant type of project. Please visit to find out more about the fund.

Guide on Water Efficiency Management Practices [PDF]

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