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Stormwater Management

3 Key Strategies

PUB adopts three key strategies for stormwater management:

  1. Providing adequate drainage ahead of new developments
  2. Implementing flood protection measures
  3. Continual drainage improvement

To support the nation's urbanisation and development needs, planning for new drainage infrastructure and upgrading of existing drains are done in consultation with key planning agencies and authorities. These organisations include Urban Redevelopment Authority, Building & Construction Authority, Land Transport Authority, Housing & Development Board and JTC Corporation. 

PUB continuously monitors upcoming developments and upgrades the drains and canals promptly to:

  1. alleviate flooding  identify and remove constrictions/bottlenecks in existing drains/canals
  2. meet drainage current standards cope with the needs of increased runoff from developments
  3. rehabilitate drains fix deteriorating drains


PUB also ensures that development proposals submitted by architects, consultants and public agencies comply with the planning, design and construction specifications stipulated in the Code of Practice on Surface Water Drainage. For example, Drainage Reserve Area within a development site is disallowed for other purposes except drainage. 

Keeping Water from Catchment Clean

Two-thirds of Singapore’s land area is used as water catchment. Rainwater that falls on these areas is collected through a network of drains, canals and rivers, and channelled to our 17 reservoirs as a source of water supply. Litter or silt that enters the drains or canals will pollute the waters and may block the flow of stormwater in our waterways. Find out how you can play a part to keep our water bodies and catchment clean.​

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Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters Programme

Singapore has moved beyond a clean and green city when the potential of the nation's blue treasures are unlocked. In 2006, PUB launched the Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (ABC Waters) Programme to integrate our water bodies with parks and green spaces  turning Singapore into a City of Gardens and Water. In this programme, infrastructural assets like drains, canals and reservoirs have gone beyond their functions of flood management and water storage. As they are transformed into beautiful streams, rivers and lakes, they bring people closer to water so that they can better appreciate and cherish this precious resource. 

Visit ABC Waters site to learn more.


Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage is a dam built across the Marina Channel creating a fresh water reservoir in downtown Singapore. Besides offering a source of water supply and creating a recreational venue for water activities, it helps to reduce flood risks in low-lying areas in the city (e.g. Chinatown). Marina Barrage also offers a spectacular view of Singapore's city skyline. Its Green Roof is a perfect location for picnicking and kite-flying. Visit the Barrage today to learn more.


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