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Qualified Persons Portal


The Qualified Persons (QPs) Portal serves as a one-stop resource centre for Qualified Persons and building professionals to locate information on water, sewerage and drainage submissions to PUB, with the Building Plan Unit (BPU) as its coordinating unit. All queries on submissions can be made through:

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The table below shows a typical response time from PUB. 

Type of SubmissionTypical Response Time *
Development Control 14 Working Days
Detailed Plan 14 Working Days
Simplified Submission1 Working Day
Application for Work Affecting Public Sewer14 Working Days
Completion of Work (Sewerage / Drainage)14 Working Days

* QPs are reminded to provide all required documents and information to ensure submissions are processed on time. The correct Corenet Forms are to be duly completed; check all sections that need to be processed and make all necessary declarations. Incomplete forms will not be processed and will be rejected.

Submission StageForms to UseSections to Declare
Development Control (DC) PUB-DCCLR

This part covers both sanitary, sewerage and drainage sections. If there are no works affecting Sanitary and/or Sewerage and/or Drainage, QP should state the info clearly in the cover letter. 

Simplified submission may be lodged using relevant sections in this form if the project meets requirements.

Detailed Plan (DP) PUB-DPCLRSelect section and declarations applicable to project, e.g. Categories -- Works Affecting Sanitary, Used Water Pumping System, RC Trench, Sewerage, Minor Drainage, Other Drainage.  

Specific clearances applicable to each of the above areas will be given base on QPs selection and declarations.
Sewerage Clearance for TOP/CSC PUB-BPU-COMPOFWORK

Hydrostatic/Air test

Select section and declarations applicable to project, e.g. Categories -- TOP Clearance for Sanitary, Used Water Pumping System, RC Trench, Sewerage CSC Clearance. 

Hydrostatic/air test result to be submitted together with PUB-BPU-COMPFWORK form if the project has sanitary or sewerage works.

Drainage Clearance for TOP PUB-DRATOPSelect section applicable to project for drainage TOP clearance, eg. Categories -- Monitor Drainage, Other drainage.
Drainage Clearance for CSC PUB-DD-CSIDRASelect section applicable to project for drainage CSC clearance, eg. Categories -- Minor Drainage and Other Drainage. 

Lodgements such as Simplified Submissions and Detail Plan for Works Affecting Sanitary are subjected to audit. Non-compliant submissions are to be rectified as soon as possible to avoid delays to project.


Notifications via email will be sent to the applicant (QP or PE) and Owner when DC, DP, Completion of Work, Drainage Clearance for TOP and CSC obtain PUB's No Objection, Clearance and Written Direction. 

This is the former domain of the PUB website. Please visit our new corporate website for the latest information.