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Members of the public who want to keep tabs on the water level in a canal or drain at a designated location and/or receive alerts when heavy rain is expected over Singapore can subscribe to an SMS alert service. This service offers the options to choose subscription to both water level alerts and heavy rain alerts, or either one. For water level alerts, each mobile number is allowed one subscription for a chosen location.

How it Works

Heavy Rain Warning
Subscribers will receive an SMS alert from the Meteorological Service Singapore (National Environment Agency) whenever heavy rain is expected to affect Singapore. The SMS alert will contain information which includes where heavy rain will be expected, and tidal change data should high tide coincide with heavy rainfall. Another SMS will be sent to subscribers if heavy rain is no longer expected or has ceased. View the Tide Times.

The Heavy Rain Warning information is also available on the NEA website.

To unsubscribe, you have to reply “U” to the SMS alert that you received.

High Water Level Alert
As part of its comprehensive drainage management and control, PUB has installed 210 sensors in key canals and drains to track the water levels.

Subscribers will receive progressive SMS alerts if the water level in the selected canal rises above 50%, 75%, 90% and 100% of the canal's depth. Separate SMS alerts will be sent to subscribers to inform them when the water level recedes gradually to below 50%.

To change the subscribed sensor location, you have to re-subscribe at this webpage.

PIN Number
To complete the subscription, the public has to key in a 7-digit PIN number which will be sent to them on their mobile phones in the process of registration.
Information Needed to Complete Subscription
  • Mobile
  • Station Name​ (up to three) – Please refer to map

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