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Flood Protection Measures


PUB has been assisting and offering consultative advice to building owners.

To better protect against floods, buildings can add structural measures such as humps and flood barriers to protect their basement levels from floodwaters. They can also link the water-level sensors in the basement carparks to their alarm systems in order to warn their users of flooding.


Forum Flood Protection
Flood barrier activated (front view)   

Forum Flood Protection
Flood barrier activated (back view)

Tanglin Mall

Flood Barrier Not Activated
Flood barrier not activated

Flood Barrier Raised
Flood barrier raised​​

Residential premises

Apart from storing belongings on high levels, home-owners in the low-lying areas can look in to having flood boards or sand bags on standby.

In the event of flooding incidents or to install flood protection measures, building and residential owners can contact PUB for advice at 1800-CALL-PUB (1800-2255-782).

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