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Since 2009, PUB has revitalised its awareness programmes to make it more relevant to the changing social fabric and to match public expectations. Today, water conservation has become an inseparable part of the people, public and private sectors.

TV Commercial
PUB has produced a series of TV commercials to encourage people to use water wisely. 

  • "Water's Odyssey"  (English | Chinese | Malay | Tamil)
  • "Ah Gong Says..."  (English | Chinese | Malay | Tamil)
  • "Don't Watch Dishes Under A Running Tap" (English | Chinese | Malay | Tamil)
  • "Shower Under 5 Minutes" (English | Chinese)
  • "How To Install Thimbles" (English | Chinese)
  • Okto Jingle  "Let's Go Save Water" Animation

Click here to watch these videos.

Water Conservation Animation

Traditionally, the awareness programme runs from January to April each year as it is a drier period of the year. People also tend to use more water during the festive session. Now, this programme also has special bursts throughout different time of the year with more support from supermarket and fast food chains. 

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