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Procedure for Water Service Installations


PUB adopts a simplified procedure for the design, installation and inspection of water service installations within the customer's premises.

The procedure requires the water service workers to notify PUB before commencement of water service works by submitting the site plans and schematic drawings of the water service installation. Once water service works are completed, they are required to submit a Certificate of Satisfactory Completion of Water Service Work certifying that the water service installation is completed in accordance with the Public Utilities (Water Supply) Regulations, Singapore Standard CP48 - Code of Practice for Water Services, all other relevant statutory requirements and other PUB requirements.

Water service workers, i.e. Professional Engineers (PEs) or the Licensed Plumbers (LPs), need not obtain PUB's approval for the detailed water reticulation system drawings and apply for an inspection before turn-on of the water supply.

To view all forms for Water Service Installations, please click here.

Water service workers can submit their notifications, drawings and certificates electronically to PUB through the CORENET e-Submission System.

Consultation with PUB (WSN) on Water Service Works

Water Service Workers [i.e Professional Engineers or Licensed Plumbers (LPs)] may request for a meeting with PUB Water Supply Network (WSN) officers to discuss matters relating to new developments, Code of Practice requirements, metering arrangements, and submission procedures. Click here for details on PUB officers and consultation meeting venues (2nd storey, Environment Building).

Click here for the list of PUB officers and their contact details for c​onsultation on water service works [PDF].

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