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Submission Procedures


In general, all proposed developments have to comply with the relevant regulations of the building authorities, i.e. URA, BCA, FSSD, NEA and PUB.

The building owner or developer of the land is required to appoint a Qualified Person (QP) (who is Registered Architect or Professional Engineer) to prepare plans and submit applications to Central Building Plan Department (CBPD) for development control clearance for the proposed development/building works and Clearance certificates for the proposed sewerage/sanitary works.

QPs should submit electronic plans and documents via the one-stop on-line portal – CORENET.

Before submission:

Before proceeding with the design, QP shall purchase the Sewerage Information Plan (SIP) which shows the location and alignments of public sewers and pumping mains in the vicinity of the development. QP should incorporate the public sewerage system onto the DC plan and DP for sewerage/sanitary works. See section on Purchase of SIP.

Where necessary, QP may pre-consult PUB on the availability of public sewers, major sewerage requirements or apply for waivers with supporting documents.

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