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Research and Development   



Towards our mission to supply good water, reclaim used water and tame stormwater, PUB lends its support to various water-related research and development in the region and globally.

Read R&D at a Glance for more information about:

  • PUB’s R&D track record (e.g. funding investment over the years, key research areas, and progress achieved in R&D)
  • Operational targets and R&D focus areas
  • Available collaborative opportunities
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PUB's R&D publication "Innovation in Water, Singapore" is available for download via the link below. 

R&D Publications


The research and development culture in PUB is driven by the desire to increase water resources, keep costs competitive, and manage water quality and security. PUB co-operates closely with our local and international partners to conduct applied research and development.

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Technology Domains of Interests

PUB’s R&D work is centred on the water loop and focuses on 9 technology domains of interests:

  • Watershed management
  • Water treatment, desalination and reuse
  • Used water treatment
  • Water quality & security
  • Network management
  • Industrial water solutions
  • Digitalisation
  • Coastal protection & climate change adaptation (water)
  • Waste reduction & resource recovery

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