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Guides & Handbooks

Greywater Recycling System

Greywater recycling systems supply non-potable water for flushing of water closets/urinals, for cooling tower make-up water and for certain allowable uses in general washing and irrigation. This technical guide is provided to guide building owners & Qualified Persons on the design, installation, testing, operation and maintenance of greywater recycling systems. It provides the minimum standards for the design, installation and maintenance of such systems.

NoGreywater Recycling System
1Greywater Recycling System (Technical Guide)
2Guidelines for Treated Greywater Recycling
ABC Waters Design Guidelines

The ABC Waters Design Guidelines provide reference to developers and industry professionals on how to implement environmentally sustainable green features or ABC Waters design features in their developments.

NoABC Waters Design Guidelines
1ABC Waters Design Guidelines
On-site Stormwater Detention Tank Systems

In the latest revision to the Code of Practice on Surface Water Drainage, PUB added a new clause, which required developers/owners to manage their peak runoff by implementing on-site detention measures to hold back or slow down runoff, before discharging it to the public drainage system. These on-site detention measures will complement PUB’s ongoing drainage improvement works to provide a higher level of protectio​​n against floo​​d risks in our catchments. To provide guidance to QPs on the design of detention tan​ks to manage peak runoff, PUB has developed a set of technical guidelines.

NoOn-site Stormwater Detention Tank Systems
1On-site Stormwater Detention Tank Systems (Technical Guide)
Application for Water Supply

This handbook is designed to assist developers, architects and professional engineers, licensed plumbers, government departments and statutory boards in their application for water supply. It provides general information on water supply matters. For general enquiries on water supply matters, please e-mail to or call PUB 24-hour Call Centre at 1800-2255-782.

NoApplication for Water Supply
1Application for Water Supply (Handbook)
Managing Urban Runoff

This handbook explains the concepts behind the Source-Pathway-Receptor approach in drainage management. It also highlights innovative “Source” and “Receptor” measures that developments can implement to reduce peak flows, while creating aesthetic value and benefits from these measures.

Managing Urban Runoff
1Managing Urban Runoff (Drainage Handbook)
Earth Control Measures at Construction Site

The implementation of effective Earth Control Measures (ECM) requries the efforts of the developers, professionals and contractors at various stages of the project development from tendering stage to construction stage. Some of the essential references for these industry stakeholders are detailed below. 

Earth Control Measures
1Erosion & Sediment Control at Construction Sites Guidebook
2Guidebook for Qualified Erosion Control Professional (QECP)
3Roles of Contractors and QECPs (Guide)
4Tender Specifications (Sample)
5CCTV Requirement 
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