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Industrial Water Works


Jurong Industrial Water Works (JIWW) was set up to reclaim wastewater effluent of the Ulu Pandan Water Reclamation Plant (UPWRP). The purpose of wastewater effluent reclamation is to provide an alternative source of water for industries in the Jurong and Tuas Industrial Estate.

From an original capacity of 45,000 m3 per day, the current capacity is increased to 125,000 m3 per day over the years to cater for industries set up on Jurong Island and Tuas South.

With effect from April 2007, PUB has stopped supplying industrial water to the industries in Jurong/Tuas Industrial Estate. NEWater has replaced industrial water, as an alternative source of water. Currently, industrial water is only supplied to the industries on Jurong Island.

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Industrial Water Works  

The Treatment Process



The raw water enters the Works from UPWRP through the intake chamber into the bandscreen chamber. Large suspended solids and debris of sizes greater than 4mm are removed with the help of bandscreen equipment.

Band Screen

Pre-Chlorination & pH Correction


Chemical Clarification


Sand Filtration





Industrial Water Reticulation System

After the post-chlorination process, the treated water is ready to be supplied to the industrial consumers. The treated water is pumped to the 3 industrial water reservoirs (total capacity: 35,000 m3) situated on Jurong Island via the high-lift pumps and along the underground pumping mains.

Service Reservoirs

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