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Engineering Services in Singapore and Johor
PUB has a panel of consultants to provide professional engineering services for projects up to $20 million in Singapore and Johor.

Consultants who are interested to be emplaced in this panel must be licensed by the Professional Engineers Board, Singapore and/or Board of Engineers Malaysia.

With effect from 15 July 2022, only Consultants who are registered under Public Sector Panel of Consultants (PSPC) with Building and Construction Authority (BCA) will be eligible for emplacement into this panel. For more information on the application requirements for PSPC, please refer to BCA website for details.

Submit your applications to:

Procurement & Contracts Department

40 Scotts Road, #08-01
Environment Building
Singapore 228231

Only consultants who have successfully emplaced in the panel would be invited to participate in tenders under Engineering Services in Singapore and Johor. 

This is the former domain of the PUB website. Please visit our new corporate website for the latest information.