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At PUB, sustainability is central to our mission – to ensure a sustainable water supply for Singapore, tame stormwater and protect her coastline from rising sea levels.

As one of the most water stressed countries in the world with limited land and resources, a sustainable approach towards water use and planning has always been inherent in our DNA.

From the diversification of our water sources through our Four National Taps (local catchment, imported water, NEWater and desalinated water), innovation to harness and reuse every drop of water, to partnerships with public and private sectors to conserve and protect this precious resource, we have pursued water sustainability and resilience since the formation of PUB in 1963.

With the threats and impact of climate change becoming increasingly pronounced, we have also stepped up efforts to address new challenges, especially in the areas of climate change adaptation and reduction of our carbon footprint.

PUB’s sustainability framework sets out the focus areas premised on four main pillars to ensure that PUB continues to deliver our mission responsibly. They are: (1) Water and Sustainable Management; (2) Capable and Engaged Workforce; (3) Strong Partnerships; and (4) Business Excellence. This framework serves to guide PUB forward, as we strive to be a responsible and trusted public agency contributing to our nation-wide sustainability movement under the Singapore Green Plan 2030.

PUB's Sustainability Framework
sustainability framework

Pillar 1: Water & Sustainable Management

With no natural water resources, Singapore has progressively created more surface water reservoirs, building on the first three reservoirs at MacRitchie, Seletar and Peirce, to 17 reservoirs. Today, two-thirds of the island is water catchment. Using urban areas as water catchment requires close collaboration with different stakeholders and careful city planning to ensure that surface run-off from urbanised water catchment remains fit for treatment for potable use.

Singapore depends on three other water resources — imported water, NEWater and desalinated water, to meet its day-to-day needs. While PUB has successfully diversified our water sources, we will continue to look for ways and strategies to manage and increase our water inventory, while also seeking climate-resilient sources of water.

With water demand expected to double by 2060, Singapore’s energy needs required for treating and delivering water is projected to quadruple consequently. PUB is actively exploring solutions to reduce its dependency on fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate its impacts to climate change.

Appointed as nation’s Coastal Protection Agency in April 2020, PUB is embarking on coastal protection work to protect Singapore against sea level rise due to climate change. We are also investing in new technologies to improve our flood response and improving our drainage systems to reduce inland flooding from more frequent and intense storms.

Pillar 2: Capable and Engaged Workforce

As PUB seeks to diversify Singapore’s water resources, we rely on a skilled workforce, effective work processes and technologies to ensure that the entire water system is well maintained and operated, and in a resource-efficient and responsible manner. PUB works to ensure that treatment processes are reliable and resilient; with minimal loss of precious water through the distribution network; and that resources are optimised throughout our operations.

Pillar 3: Strong Partnerships

Just as water is a precious resource for all, ensuring the sustainability of water resources is a shared responsibility. Everyone has a part to play in conserving and protecting our waters. From the general public to the private sector, PUB actively reaches out to the community and all stakeholders to raise awareness and identify opportunities to conserve and recycle water. Every drop not used is a drop that does not have to be produced.

Pillar 4: Business Excellence

In an increasingly complex and digitalised workplace, PUB will continue to implement robust security and IT management practices, and leverage innovation to deliver our projects and supply water in a cost-efficient manner.

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