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Find out more about sea level rise and our coastal protection efforts below.

Stem The Tide

Stem The Tide is a documentary produced in collaboration with CNA Insider, which sheds light on how Singapore is embarking on a journey to develop coastal defences to protect us from sea level rise.​​​

Watch the documentary below to learn how we can collectively transform the coastline with possible innovative and multi-functional coastal protection measures!


What If

Hear from host Belinda Lee as she speaks to the public about how sea level rise could affect our lives, and sit down with experts to hear what we are doing about it!​​​

Episode 1: What if… we couldn’t go the beach a​nymore?​

Watch the video to find out how sea level rise could impact nature and recreational activities, and why we need to protect our coastlines in light of this​. You can also read the story here.​​​


The Investigations of Sea-rius Li

Join Sea-rius Li, our resident skeptic, in his investigations to find out more about sea level rise and how we are protecting our coasts from it. You sea-riously won't want to miss this!

Episode 1: Will the East Coast seriously be affected by sea leve​l rise?


Episode 2: What serious options are we considering to protect our coastlines?


Episode 3: Can nature seriously help with coastal protection?


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