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Smart Shower Programme


The Smart Shower Programme aims to study and validate the effect of smart shower devices in conserving water during showers.

An earlier trial conducted on some 500 households in 2015 indicated that households can save about 5 litres of water per person per day while taking their showers, when provided with real-time information on consumption coupled with optimal goal setting. This can potentially help households save approximately 3% of their monthly water usage.

Starting from 2018, PUB will be deploying these smart shower devices over the next 2 years in 10,000 new homes under a demonstration project with the Housing Development Board (HDB), where home buyers had opted for sanitary fittings under HDB’s Optional Component Scheme (OCS), will be fitted with the smart shower devices.

Two tenderers were awarded the contract to supply and deliver the smart shower devices for the demonstration project. One device displays real-time water consumption in numerical figures, while the other device uses colour codes at the showerhead to indicate varying water consumption levels. Both devices also incorporate advanced interactive features: users can set their own water conservation goals and monitor their water consumption history by downloading the device app on their smartphone.

PUB will study the results of using these two devices, with the intent for wider adoption and provision of more options for customers.

To download the Smart Shower Programme brochure, please click here

Deployment of Devices

PUB installed the first batch of devices for some 300 BTO flats at West Rock @Bukit Batok in Jan 2018. The remaining devices have been/will be installed in the other selected BTO developments progressively.

Smart Shower SWWD
Senior Minister of State for the Environment and Water Resources and MP for Hong Kah North, Dr Amy Khor finding out more about the smart shower device. Smart Shower SWWD

How do I know if my BTO development is part of the Programme?

Community Project

You may wish to enter the postal code of your BTO flat to do a check.

Please note that only home-owners who had earlier opted for HDB�s Optional Component Scheme will be installed with the smart shower devices.

Residents who are not part the Smart Shower Programme may purchase their own smart shower devices from the vendor at the website links listed below which can also be found in the Programme�s FAQs.

a) The smart shower device which uses numerical figures to reflect consumption level is available for purchase at the following website:

b) The other type which uses colour intensity to reflect water consumption level can be purchased at the following website:

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for FAQs about this project [PDF].

Need help on the use of the smart shower devices?


To learn more about smart shower devices:
(User Guide Video)


(User Guide Video)

Watch this video here to find out more about PUB’s Smart Shower Programme initiative.

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