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Prior to commencement of works, it is mandatory for the Qualified Person (QP) to submit the application forms via BCA Corenet e-submission system to PUB's Building Plan Unit (BPU) to obtain relevant clearances. Alternatively, at various construction stages QP can apply to PUB's WRN to obtain approvals. 

The forms listed below are only for reference. The submission of these forms shall be made electronically using the e-forms posted on the Corenet e-submission system.

DescriptionForm to be submitted
Application of Development Control (DC) Clearance PUB-DCCLR
Application for Clearance Certificate for Detailed Plan on Drainage and Sewerage (Sanitary/Sewer) Works PUB-DPCLR
Certificate of Completion and Inspection of Sanitary, Sewerage and Drainage Works PUB-BPU-COMPOFWORK
Pre-Consultation / Waiver Application Form on Sewerage Matter PUB-SEW-PCWVSEW
Application to Work in Public Sewerage System (For Developmental Works, submit through Corenet) PUB-SEW-FORM_B
Application for Deviation on Sewerage Matter PUB-DEV-SEW

​​DescriptionForm to be submitted through E-Form
Application to Work in Public Sewerage System (for non-developmental works, submit through E-Form) Form B
Notice for carrying out sewer connection work Form B1
Form B1 Submission Procedure Form B1 Guide
Application for connecting temporary toilets to sewerage system Form E
Application for carrying out new sanitary works at existing premises/shops Form F
Notification for completion of minor sewerage works Form H
Application for carrying out temporary sanitary facilities at trade fair Form I
Application for PUB's in-principle approval for worker's dormitory Form J
Omission of standby generator/alternate power supply (Owner's undertaking form) Form D2 *

* Note: Electronic submission made via Corenet or email.

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