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Collaboration Opportunities


PUB welcomes research collaborations that are aligned with the organisation’s mission in supplying good water, reclaiming used water and taming stormwater. The opportunities for collaborative research abound for partners in the water and related industries, universities and research institutions (locally and overseas) and creative individuals who share our objective of improving water supply management through use-inspired fundamental research, application and technological development, as well as investment in process improvement, knowledge management and implementation.

To support this endeavour, PUB offers many opportunities for the collaborative development of new water technologies.

Collaborative Research & Development

In PUB, we believe that use-inspired basic and applied research often result in innovations that produce the most significant benefits to us, our partners and customers. We welcome novel ideas and technologies that enable PUB to increase Singapore’s water resources, improving water quality, while at the same time reducing energy consumption, chemical usage, waste generation and reliance in manpower. Collaborative Research & Development has shown that such partnerships often result in the transfer of complementary expertise, hence creating a win-win situation for all parties.

Over the years, PUB’s commitment to create effective research partnerships with local and international research organisations, water utilities and technology solution providers has resulted in a number of collaborative R&D projects.

Do you have a new idea or suggestion? Drop us an email at to submit your proposal to PUB. We look forward to hearing from you!

Test-bedding Opportunities

PUB fosters the growth of these innovations by facilitating the testing of products, processes, systems and services. The aim is to help these new technologies establish a good track record in order for them to be competitive in the water market.

PUB has been offering industrial test-bedding sites to the public and private sectors. With a group of experienced professionals, PUB has the operational know-how to facilitate the projects from conceptualisation to completion.

Venues and facilities available for test-bedding include:

  • Catchment and reservoirs
  • Water supply plants (including waterworks, NEWater factories, desalination plant, and variable salinity plant)
  • Water reclamation plants
  • Water distribution network
  • Used water network
  • Tuas R&D facility
Partnering to Seek External Funding Support

Breakthrough innovations often arise when research occurs across the boundaries of distinctly different disciplines. An excellent example is the advancement in polymeric membrane materials, which has greatly benefited seawater desalination and water reuse today. PUB therefore encourages cross-disciplinary research that can potentially lead to high impact innovations and applications in the area of water.

Although such research may not relate directly to PUB’s operation and expertise, PUB will partner proponents to seek funding support from external agencies. Different parties are able to share the cost of performing research and development, and at the same time, to reduce the associated risks.

A listing for available funding schemes that support environmental and water research is shown below:

PUB has launched three Request-for-Proposals (RFPs) - RFPs 1801-1803, to develop solutions in water and used water treatment, industrial water and smart technologies under the Competitive Research Program (Water) on 3rd Jan 2018. Up to S$30million from the National Research Foundation (NRF) could be allocated to fund projects under these RFPs. This is in line with efforts to develop water technologies and grow the water industry. 

RFP 1801 targets specific technologies in enhancing energy efficiency of the water and used water treatment process. RFP 1802 aims to enhance water efficiency in industries through water recycling or reducing water consumption. RFP 1803 looks at enhancing operational efficiency by leveraging on smart technologies. 

Applications have closed.  

For press release of this grant call, please click here

For more details on the application procedures and proposal submissions, please visit NRF’s Integrated Grants Management System (IGMS)

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