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Hiring Plumbers

Regulated water service and sanitary works can only be carried out by PUB Licensed Plumbers.The common examples of water service works carried out by the license plumbers are: installation/replacement of electric storage water heater, installation/replacement of water service pipes, Urgent water service leak repair.

Licensed Plumbers are licensed by PUB to ensure they maintain good standards of plumbing work. They have to adhere to technical requirements, safety, water quality and water conservation guidelines set by PUB when carrying out works in their premises. 

Homeowners and service hirers need to ensure that they approach credible platforms and employ only PUB Licensed Plumbers for their regulated water service and sanitary plumbing works.

Plumber List

To hire plumbers, refer to the list below. Do note that different platforms may have varying fees and surcharges. 

  • PUB's Online Search
  • Singapore Plumbing Society (Phone: 6292 0111)
  • Respective Town Councils

Is it an offence to hire an unlicensed plumber to carry out water service and sanitary plumbing works?

With effect from 1 April 2018, it is an offence for anyone to engage a plumber who is not licensed by PUB to carry out regulated water service and sanitary works.  

Simple Plumbing Works

All water service works shall be carried out by license plumbers, except simple plumbing works that can be carried out by handymen.

Handymen without a licence can do the following simple plumbing works:

Water Service Works (Potable Water)

1.  Replacing or removing any tap or mixer.

2.  Replacing or removing any of the following accessories connected to a tap: 
(a)   a shower hose or a showerhead;
(b)   a connecting hose with a spring-loaded self-closing nozzle;
(c)   a connecting hose to a washing machine or a dish washer; or
(d)   a flexible hose. 

3.  Replacing or removing any pipe between a stop valve and an instantaneous water heater.

4.  Replacing or removing any of the following parts of a flushing cistern: 
(a)   any flushing mechanism; 
(b)   any flexible hose after the ball valve. 

      Sanitary Works (Used Water)

      1. Installing, replacing or removing: 

      (a)   any washbasin or sink, including any bottle trap or fitting trap below the washbasin or sink; 
      (b)   any bathtub, shower tray, or shower enclosure; 
      (c)   any floor waste outlet; or 
      (d)   any pipe conveying sullage water into a floor trap. 

2.  Replacing: 
(a)   any floor trap grating or cover; or
(b)   any floor waste grating or cover.

3. Installing, replacing or removing any urinal, including any fitting trap or any pipe connecting the urinal to a urinal trap.

4.  Installing, altering, replacing or removing any pipe for or appurtenance related to the conveyance of industrial effluent within an industrial premises. 

5.  Clearing any blockage in any floor trap, water closet or sanitary appliance.

6. Clearing and flushing any discharge pipe, ventilating pipe, drain-line, fitting, floor trap, inspection chamber, grease trap, pump or any other appurtenance related to the conveyance of sewage or sullage water from any sanitary appliance or sanitary facility to a sewerage system. 

Professional Engineer/Qualified Person

When works involve the design of a plumbing system or storage tank, a Professional Engineer must be engaged for design and supervisory works.

For new development and building works, the developer or building owner has to engage a Qualified Person (QP), who is either a Registered Architect or a Professional Engineer, to prepare and submit plans for proposed sewerage/ sanitary works. The QP is also required to ensure that the works are properly constructed and in accordance to the plans.

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