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Singapore to supply additional potable water to Johor during its water rationing120 to supply additional potable water to Johor during its water rationing20/8/2015 8:00:00 AMPUB, Singapore’s national water agency, has begun supplying additional potable water to Johor since 14 August 2015. This is in response to a request for assistance from Badan Kawalselia Air Johor (BAKAJ), Johor’s water regulatory body.Issue DatePress ReleaseAbout PUBAbout PUB’s tagline: Water for All: Conserve, Value, EnjoyFind out more about us<p>The current dry weather has severely affected water levels in Johor’s Sungei Layang dam, and BAKAJ has commenced water rationing in parts of Johor Bahru from 16 August to 15 September 2015. </p> <p>BAKAJ had requested PUB to provide an additional 5 to 6 million gallons per day (mgd) of potable water to supplement the water supply in Johor Bahru during the period of water rationing. PUB has agreed to help, and has been injecting the additional supply of potable water from the Johor River Waterworks (JRWW) that PUB operates in Johor. </p> <p>This arrangement is temporary and subject to regular review. This will not affect the water supply in Singapore. There has been some rain in Singapore and PUB has increased its production of NEWater and desalinated water to meet local demand, allowing water levels in local reservoirs to remain healthy. </p> <p>The dry weather has affected water levels in Linggiu Reservoir in Johor, which has dipped slightly to 54.18%, from 54.5% two weeks ago, and is at an all-time low. Linggiu Reservoir, which is operated by PUB, improves the yield of water from the Johor River from which Johor and Singapore draw water.</p> <p>Over the years, PUB has, at Johor’s request, supplied about 16 million gallons of potable water per day to Johor. This latest request will see Singapore temporarily supplying up to 22 mgd of potable water to meet Johor’s needs in the present dry weather situation. PUB remains committed to working with BAKAJ and relevant agencies to increase water resources in Johor. </p> <p>PUB is a statutory board under the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources. It is the water agency that manages Singapore’s water supply, water catchment and used water in an integrated way.</p> <p>PUB has ensured a diversified and sustainable supply of water for Singapore with the Four National Taps (local catchment water, imported water, NEWater, desalinated water). </p> <p>To provide water for all, PUB calls on all to play our part to conserve water, keep our water catchments and waterways clean and build a relationship with water so we can enjoy our water resources.  If we all play our part, we can have enough water for all our needs – for industry, for living, for life.</p> <p>Like us at <a href=""></a><br> Follow us on <a href=""></a> and <a href=""></a><br> Subscribe to our channel at <a href=""></a><br> For our latest event photos, visit <a href=""></a> or <a href=""></a><br> Download our mobile apps: MyWaters for <a title="" href="">iOS</a>, <a title="" href="">Android</a> or <a title="" href="">Windows Phone</a> and <br> PURE Magazine for <a title="" href="">iOS</a>, <a title="" href="">Android</a>, <a title="" href="">Blackberry</a> or <a title="" href="">Windows Phone</a><br> Visit our website at <a href=""></a></p>

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