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Request for Services Plans

  1. Before proceeding with the design of a proposed development, QP must apply to PUB for the relevant sewerage, drainage and water information:

    1. Sewerage Information Plan (SIP) indicates the location and alignment of public sewers or pumping mains in the vicinity of the development. Details of the existing sewer connections at the development may not be shown on the SIP. QP should ascertain/verify details of the existing sewer connection on site;
    2. Drainage Interpretation Plan (DIP) indicates drainage reserves or land reserved for future drainage schemes. The DIP may not show details of the common drain at the development. QP should ascertain/verify details of the common drains on site; and the Minimum Platform Level (MPL) for effectual surface water drainage.
    3. Water Service Plan (WSP) indicates the approximate position of the water mains and raw water mains in the vicinity of the development. Smaller submains and connection pipes (< 100 mm) to customers' premises/properties may not be included. QP is to determine and indicate the exact alignments and depths of the watermains,  submains and connections, on site by means of trial holes before commencement of any work.  The position and alignment of the watermains shall be indicated on the survey plan, and shown at site to allow easy identification of the watermains in future after completion.
  3. QP shall provide the following information when requesting for service plans
    1. Lot Information of project site (Mukim No. and Lot No.)
    2. Plan Type (service plan for drainage/sewerage/water)
    3. Requestor Details
  4. Upon receipt of infrastructure plans, QP shall conduct site surveys to verify the alignments and invert levels of the public sewers/pumping mains/sewer connections and drainage reserves/common drains/water mains.
  5. For DC Submission to PUB, QP shall use the purchase order No. X#######X as Reference No. and the date QP received SIP/DIP as date of SIP/DIP.

PUB service plans are available on INLIS, click here to access.

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