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There are many opportunities for people who have a passion for water and the environment industry. Learn more about our scholarships below. 

Singapore Sustainability Scholarship

The Singapore Sustainability (SS) Scholarship is jointly offered by NEA, PUB and SFA.  

The Singapore Sustainability (SS) Scholarship seeks to groom and nurture young talents who are keen to develop a career to strengthen environmental resilience and food and water security for Singapore. We are looking for game-changers with the foresight to anticipate future challenges and develop solutions.

Upon graduation, scholars will embark on an exciting career with either NEA, PUB or SFA. They will have the opportunity to make meaningful contributions through a diverse range of roles including mitigating climate change, encouraging energy efficiency, developing Singapore’s water resources and fostering food science and technology development. Embark on a fulfilling career with us and be a part of Singapore’s sustainability story.

There are also opportunities for undergraduates to pursue the Mid-Term Undergraduate Scholarship.

Apply for the Singapore Sustainability Scholarship here.

For more information about the Singapore Sustainability Scholarship, please download the brochure below:

Sustainable Future
Are you the key to a Sustainable Future? 

PUB Engineering Diploma Scholarship

PUB is constantly on the lookout for engineering talents to be involved in developing and managing Singapore’s water resources and to write the next chapter in Singapore’s water story. 

The PUB Engineering Diploma Scholarship is offered to students from Ngee Ann and Singapore Polytechnic interested in the following courses: Diploma in Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic & Computer Engineering, Environmental and Water Technology (Ngee Ann Polytechnic); Diploma in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Singapore Polytechnic).​

Scholarship Award Conditions

    • Bond-free; 
    • Full sponsorship of the tuition fees paid by Singapore Citizen students
    • One time notebook allowance of $1500 (For Yr 1s)
    • Annual book allowance of $400
    • Subject to annual renewal based on academic performance;
    • Liquidated damages will apply if student withdraws from the course; and
    • Final year students must do an internship with PUB, during which PUB will evaluate their suitability for a job or the Singapore Sustainability Scholarship.

Interested students may find out more at the respective polytechnics’ websites on scholarships. 

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